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Staff & FacilitiesEvery one of us at Art and Science Dentistry believe in and follow our office mission. We all strive to provide each of our patients with the best experience possible and the best dental care available.

Staff & Facilities Training and experience with all the various aspects of a general dental practice assure that every part of your care will be carefully completed.
Our continuing education keeps us at the top of the dental field.

We hope that you will find your care at our office to be the best and most comfortable dental care you have ever had. Please be sure to tell us of any concerns that you have so that we can attend to your individual needs in the best possible way.

Chris, Kim, Carol, Thelma, Donna, Piper, Angie and Diane


Meet the fantastic staff of Art & Science Dentistry


Chris Thurston

Hi! I'm Chris, from Dr. Dautel's office. Many of our patients have heard my voice on the phone or have met me in person at their visits for over a quarter of a century. I'm proud to say that in 2014 I will be celebrating 29 years of working with Dr. Dautel and I have enjoyed every day of it.

I live in Rexford with my husband. When I am not working I spend time with my horse, doing needlework and reading. As a Trustee of the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library since 2000, I was part of the team that brought the beautiful new “green” building to our community. I hope you will take time to visit and enjoy it.


Kim Frament - Dental Assistant

I have been working as Dr. Dautel's dental assistant for almost 30 years and I have enjoyed all of my time here. My favorite part about working with patients is meeting new people and forming friendships with patients who return year after year. When I am not working, I enjoy vacationing in Florida with my husband and four daughters, and I plan to retire there eventually.


Carol Dowd - Dental Assistant

I have worked for Dr. Dautel as his Dental Assistant since 2004. I started working in the dental field in 1983 as a dental assistant and continued throughout the years in various positions including office manager and appointment coordinator. Now I am back to being a dental assistant which I find is my favorite position. My passion in this profession is getting to meet new patients and tend to their individual needs, as well as enjoying the relationships with established patients that have formed over the years.

I am crazy about my 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Belle. She loves to play and go on long walks with me, my husband and my two kids.


I first came to this area when my husband was in the Navy for a short time. We returned 8 years later because we liked the area so much and have now been living here for over 30 years. My favorite part of working at Dr. Dautel's office is the people I see as patients and the people I work with. I also enjoy seeing and learning about new advances in dentistry to help achieve good oral health. Outside of the office I enjoy working on family history books and pictures, traveling and cross-country skiing. I also like working with women and young mothers through book studies. I have worked with the advisory board for Headstart for years and also with children at my church.


Piperlea Chico - Dental Hygienist

I am originally from Cohoes, NY, just a short way from here. I have been a dental hygienist at Dr. Dautel's office for many years now and I most enjoy helping my patients achieve oral health. I am a snowboarding and snowmobiling enthusiast and love spending time with my husband and dog, Ivan.



I joined Dr. Dautel's dental team in September 2013. I am a native New Yorker from Great Neck Long Island. I attended Ellis Hospital Nursing School, Westchester School of Dental Science and Adirondack Community College. After living out the area and overseas for many years, returned to New York a few years back. I have a long history in dentistry, and I am focused on educating our patients of their treatment, dental health and giving them the highest quality of care.

I have been active with many volunteers groups, Junior League, DAR, Naval Officers Woman's Group and many more. I believe in giving back to our community and helping others. I love to travel and meet new people but my most favorite thing to do, is spending time with my son and daughter.


Dr. Stephen Dautel, Dr. Alexandra Shchipkova and Dr. Alex Shchipkov are dentists providing dental procedures such as
cleanings, dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental implants, and porcelain veneers in Clifton Park.
Dr. Stephen Dautel, Dr. Alexandra Shchipkova and Dr. Alex Shchipkov are licensed as a general dentists in the state of New York