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Complete Oral Rehabilitation

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Complete oral rehabilitation is our service for individuals who are looking for a comprehensive restoration of their smile / mouth. It is a good option if you are looking for a full aesthetic makeover, or if you have multiple dental functionality issues that you wish to address at once. Oral rehabilitation combines all of our restorative and cosmetic techniques, as required by your particular goals.

A strategic approach

Our doctors understand that besides the quality of dental work, most patients also are concerned with their health, the financial impact of the procedure and their comfort. After a careful evaluation, he will recommend the procedures and approaches that will help you achieve your goals with long-term effectiveness and in the shortest possible time.

Regarding finances, our expert staff will provide you with clear, understandable options to make your treatment affordable. Come talk to us!

Artistic sense worth smiling about

One half of a successful dental restoration is the art of sculpting a beautiful smile. Beyond technical ability and medical know-how, the best dental restorations are an expression of the dentist's artistic sense: a subtle ability to harmonize proportions and color to enhance the way you look.

The hallmark of the best cosmetic dentistry is that it is NOT noticeable: it simply looks naturally beautiful. Visit our Gallery of Smiles to see our work firsthand.

Lasting results through professionalism

The very best cosmetic dentistry is, unfortunately, hard to distinguish with the naked eye. You can only tell years or decades later how, comparatively, you have saved yourself money, hassles and health complications by choosing your dentist carefully. We pride ourselves in doing work that, with proper preventive care, will keep you out of our office, and enjoying your beautiful smile.


Dr. Stephen Dautel, Dr. Alexandra Shchipkova and Dr. Alex Shchipkov are dentists providing dental procedures such as
cleanings, dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental implants, and porcelain veneers in Clifton Park.
Dr. Stephen Dautel, Dr. Alexandra Shchipkova and Dr. Alex Shchipkov are licensed as a general dentists in the state of New York