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Children's Dental Health Month

February is Children's Dental Health Month

For some fun ways to get your children excited about their
dental health, visit these great websites:

Informational videos for caring for your child’s teeth and fun materials for your children!

Educations dental activities for kids by Laurie Keller!

Dental activites for kids from the National Education Association!

Although overall rates of tooth decay have decreased over the past four decades, decay has actually increased in preschool age children in recent years. The good news is there are safe and effective preventive measures that can protect teeth.

Children’s dental health and instructing parents on how to care for their children’s teeth has always been extremely important to Dr. Dautel, Dr. Shchipkova and Dr. Shchipkov at Art & Science Dentistry. Starting a routine of good oral health early on is very important in establishing a lifetime of oral health for your children.

Over the thirty-five years that Dr. Dautel has been practicing dentistry he has visited elementary classrooms to give presentations to the children about why caring for their teeth is important, and how to do so correctly. Using an oversized toothbrush and model of a mouth the children could assist him in brushing the teeth so that they could then repeat the process at home. Dr. Dautel has been very active in helping the community to achieve good oral health.

Some tips to follow to care for your children’s teeth:

There are many factors that contribute to children’s dental health, besides brushing and flossing. A few other very important ways to protect your children’s teeth from decay are:

When to think about orthodontic care

Around the time children are 7 they should be evaluated for possible orthodontic care. Although 7 years old seems young to get braces, it gives the dentist or orthodontist the opportunity to use preventive measures to avoid future issues, or to help with the planning of future treatment. Proper alignment of the teeth is necessary to prevent possible issues such as speech impediments, jaw or TMJ pain, difficulty chewing, grinding or clenching teeth, or gum disease and tooth decay.



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